Church Walks

About the Project

Church WalkersThis year, I am taking part in the µYPS scheme, which is an opportunity for young people aged 16-24 to be employed by the York and Hull district for one year and undertake a project in their local church.

My project is organising and leading walks for people within our church, the York circuit and wider community to take part in. Throughout this year, they are happening once a month, usually on a Saturday. Each walk will have a theme, normally based on the time of year. The walk will provide an opportunity to discuss the theme with others, as well as being a time for fellowship, and getting to know people you may recognise, but never spoken to.

There will be a variety of walks across the year, with at least one 7+ miles and some nearer 2 or 3 miles, so I hope that all abilities will be able to join me on at least one. Most will take place in the Howardian Hills, but there is a couple which are in the local area for those who would prefer to stay close to home.

If you’d like to join us on any of the walks, contact Peter at [email protected]

Dates of Walks:

11th February:
Time: 1:30pm
Meeting Place: Crayke – near the Durham OX
Length: 3-4
Theme: Spiritual Gifts

11th March:
Time: 1:30pm
Meeting Place: White Horse Visitor Centre
Length: 3 miles
Route Info: We will follow the path along towards the White Horse, then take a right fork down to the car park at the bottom. From there we will walk up the stairs to the top of the White Horse and head back along the main path to the visitor centre.
Theme: Lent

Easter Monday:
Time: 1:30pm
Meeting Place: Sheriff Hutton
Length: TBC
Route Info: TBC
Theme: Easter

20th May:
Time: TBC
Meeting Place: TBC
Length: TBC
Route Info: TBC
Theme: TBC

24th June:
Time: 10am
Meeting Place: Car Park on A169 by Hole of Horcum
Length: 7+ miles
Route Info: TBC
Theme: Refugees

July (Date TBC):
Time: TBC
Meeting Place: TBC
Length: TBC
Route Info: TBC
Theme: Creation

August (Date TBC):
Time: 10am
Meeting Place: TBC, by the coast
Length: TBC, but fairly short
Route Info: TBC
Theme: TBC