Monday Monkeys

Creation by Monday Monkeys

Creation by our creative Monkeys

Unfortunately while the building work is going on at the church, Monday Monkeys cannot meet.  It is anticipated that the work will be completed by the end of December 2017 – but watch this space it could be earlier!


Welcome to Monday Monkeys, a baby & toddler group for the whole community. We are open to all pre school children & babies, alongside their parents, grandparents or carers on Monday mornings (term time only) 10-11.30am. Enter using the door on the ramp at the side of Church & make your way into the hall which is signposted and you’ll find one of the team in a clearly marked Monday Monkey’s blue T shirt who will show you around the different rooms & activities available. We have lots of toys for everyone to play with; crafts, ballpools, slides, cars & trains, dolls and dressing up and lots more with a very welcome cuppa & bicscuit. We are run by volunteers from Church so we only charge £1 per child. No booking is necessary so just come along & join in the fun 🙂


See also: Shake, Rattle & Praise – fun worship for all pre-school children.