TNT – Tuesday Night Troop

The TNT team looks forward to welcoming children age 5-10 years. We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month, during term-time at 5.45-7.00pm – unless otherwise stated.  £1 on the door.

Aims:  To explore the Christian faith in ways which are meaningful and relevant. To encourage ways of being a good citizen and a sense of belonging to the wider community…whether that’s in church, school or neighbourhood

A typical evening will be themed and consists of a ‘starter activity’, followed by lively games, craft activities, songs, drama and a story.  We always finish the evening with a quieter time and prayer activity, whilst enjoying a mug of hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows! (Or juice, if you prefer!!)

We will be meeting on:
Tuesday 4th Apr, 2017
Tuesday 4th Apr, 2017
Tuesday 11th Apr, 2017
Tuesday 2nd May, 2017
Tuesday 9th May, 2017
Tuesday 6th Jun, 2017
Tuesday 13th Jun, 2017
Tuesday 4th Jul, 2017
Tuesday 11th Jul, 2017

For more information, contact Lorraine on 01904 762755 or email [email protected]