Harvest Gifts 2019

Join us at 9.00 am or 10:45 am on Sunday 6th October as we celebrate and give thanks for the abundant grace of God in our all age Harvest service.

Harvest Gifts

As part of our thanksgiving we will be offering harvest gifts for the work of Carecent. Carecent provides a hot breakfast and additional support for people who are homeless or vulnerable in the center of York. There supplies having been running very low recently, so they will be especially grateful for any gift you are able to give.

Gifts will also be welcome at our 9.00 am service.

Below is a list of items Carecent are in need of and able to use.

This year, we need the following, please help!

  • Spam / ham
    Corned beef
    Baked beans
    Tinned fruit
    Porridge oats
    Pasteurised fruit juice
    Squash / cordial

    Shower gel / shampoo / baby wipes / razors / roll-on deodorant /
    toothbrushes / toothpaste

    especially jeans and tracksuit bottoms and
    also gifts of new underpants please!

    As Carecent only serve breakfast, they can’t use things such as tinned or fresh vegetables, cooking sauces, packets of dried rice and pasta.

Thank you for your support – it really makes a difference!