Aroma Community Fund

Some of the surplus from the operation of Aroma Coffee Shop are being put back into the community through the Aroma Community Fund. This small grant fund exists to support local organisations, groups, families or individuals for the benefit of the community of Haxby & Wigginton.

Applications will be decided at Church Council meetings.

To register your application please complete this form and press the submit button.

Name of Group/Organisation/Person:
Contact Name:

Telephone No:
E-Mail Address:

Details of Scheme:
1. The grant is for the support of a:
2. Please give a brief description of the objective of the grant application:
3. Please list any supporting documents you will be forwarding to us:
4. What is the total cost of the scheme?
5. What is the amount of grant for which you are applying?
6. Please state the amount of any other sources of funding either agreed or applied for:
7. When would you like the grant to commence?

Please give details of the current balances in all accounts held by the Group/Organisation:

Please confirm the above application has been approved by the Management Group of the above Organisation:

A copy of the message will also be sent to your email address.

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Mary Metcalf by email - [email protected]