Chapel Front                              Chapel 1949

We are very grateful to Mr. Ian V. Winduss for giving us permission to use the facts and excerpts from his book “The Story of Methodism in  Haxby and Wigginton”.

So firstly some notable dates in respect of the Methodist Chapels in our locality over the years:

1782 – The first Methodist Chapel in Haxby – in North Lane.

1813 – The move from North Lane to a new chapel in The Village, Haxby (at present a fish and chip shop).

1837 – The first Primitive Methodist Chapel in Haxby – on the corner of Westfield Lane.

1879 – The present Methodist Chapel built for Haxby and Wigginton.

1932 – Wesleyan Methodist, Primitive Methodist and United Methodist combine to form ‘The Methodist Church’.

1956 – The Methodist Chapel has its first modified extension with kitchen and toilets,  opened.

1968 – The Sunday School Primary Department now too cramped, moves out into Wigginton Recreation  Hall for the next three years.

1971 – A prefabricated “Wademade” classroom is erected at the Methodist Chapel.      1971 Sunday School Hall copy

1977 – The chapel is refurbished internally and a glazed entrance porch added.

1995 – New facilities and halls extended to the rear of the premises while the Sunday School (Junior Church) move out each week into the Wigginton Recreation Hall until the building work completed.

2008 – Church redecorated and the pews removed and replaced by chairs.

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