Opening New Doors

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The building work for Opening New Doors is now completed. We now have to raise the last remaining funds to complete the payment for it. This new building project has a vision for improving our hospitality and welcome. This is the place to find out what it’s all about and to see what has happened.

The Background

Have you ever tried to come into the Church pushing a child’s buggy or in a wheelchair? First you have to make your way to the rear of the building. Yes, we have a ramp but after that a heavy door opening towards you, an awkward corner and another door, before you arrive in a narrow, dark corridor. It’s not a great welcome!

This was the question that lay before us 3 years ago. Whilst considering how to solve this problem we became more aware of other drawbacks in the premises and potential major work needed such as broken, heat losing windows.

We wanted everyone to contribute to the discussion and so held a series of open consultations. As a result we drew up a list of objectives.

The Aims and Objectives were


  • A single entrance for all
  • Easier progress around the building
  • Individual access to all rooms
  • Improved access for mobility impaired


  • Provide an invitation to explore faith

Hospitality / Welcome

  • How do we appear to those passing by and those coming through the door?
  • For Aroma and Church to be seen to belong together
  • Upgrade the notice board outside

Environment / Energy conservation

  • Window upgrade to reduce heat loss
  • Solar panels
  • Heating / lighting to be more energy efficient

Enhancing provision

  • Additional space to enable activities currently off site to use our rooms
  • The ability to maintain current activities on the premises
  • Sound and vision upgrade

What have we done?

  • Improved the front entrance to provide easy access to all by providing a ramp, steps etc.
  • Removed the current porch which does not allow disabled access.
  • Improved side entrance to give access to all rooms from central hub.
  • Provided new upstairs rooms to extend provision for all.
  • Installed new glazing, efficient heating, lighting, AV & sound, and solar panels to produce electricity.

Look at the plans: