Who’s Who


Our minister is Revd Rory Dalgliesh. The minister is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church, together with the Stewards, and leads many of our worship services.

He can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Family Ministry Co-ordinator

Lorraine JonesLorraine Jones is our Family Ministry Co-ordinator. Her role, as the job title suggests, is a co-ordinating one: encouraging, supporting and connecting our family and children’s activities, both those who lead and those who take part; building up families in the faith of Christ and reaching out into the local community in love and service.

As part of this role, Lorraine often shares in leading the 10:30 morning worship, and works with members of the church to lead regular Open the Book assemblies in three schools; Ralph Butterfield, Wigginton and Headlands Primary Schools, ‘bringing the Bible to life’ through storytelling and drama.

Lorraine also works with members of the church at a regular monthly club – TNT (Tuesday Night Troop), where children explore the Christian faith in different ways, through craft, singing, games and stories, finishing off with a quiet time, which includes a drink of hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows!

Lorraine can be contacted at [email protected]

Church Stewards                                                                                                              A team of Church Stewards work with the minister in the leadership the church. As well as providing support to the minister the stewards have a particular responsibility for ensuring that worship services of the church take place. Stewards are elected from within the membership of the church and usually serve for up to four years. The Contact Church Steward is Gail Lazenby 

                                                                                                     Church Council

The Church Council is the decision making and legally responsible body in the Church. All formal correspondence with the church should be addressed to the Church Council Secretary at the church address or via email at [email protected].

Pastoral Care

All members and regular worshippers are included in the pastoral care system, which is the formal way in which the people of the church exercise care for each other. We use a combination of methods to ensure pastoral care is available in a way that is appropriate to each person. Some choose to have a pastoral visitor, others receive care through their house group. More hi-tech options are also available. Pastoral care is co-ordinated by the minister, the pastoral secretary, Penny Dawson, and a small team of lay pastoral assistants: supporting a church community where all are cared for.