Worship Calendar

Worship services take a variety of forms and we hope to provide opportunity for people of all ages and temperaments to meet with God in transforming worship. Below you will find information about the planned times of all our worship services. More details of all services for the coming week can be found in the weekly Church News Sheet. More information about the different styles of service can be found under the worship section of the website.

  • Friday 18th January –   10.00 am – St. Margaret Clitherow Church   
  • Saturday 19th January – 3.30 pm – The Methodist Church               

  • Sunday 20th January – 6.30 pm – St Nicholas Church             
  • Monday 21st January – 10.30 am – St Mary’s Church                       

  • Tuesday 22nd January – 12.30 pm – St Nicholas Church 
  • Wednesday 23rd January – 9.00 am St Margaret Clitherow Church   

  • Thursday 24th January – 5.00 pm – St Mary’s Church 
  • Friday 25th January – 6.30 pm – The Methodist Church