SUNDAY 17th February

9.00 am

Early Morning Worship with Holy Communion:



Rev Rory Dalgliesh



Church Steward: John King



Door Stewards: Graham Hudson & Peter Fowler

10.45 am

Family All Age Worship: Rev Rory Dalgliesh

Coffee will be served after this service by the Sunday @ Eight Group



Church Steward: Gail Lazenby



Door Stewards: Anne Horner & Sue Livingston

MONDAY 18th February

10.00 am

Monday Monkeys. (All)

  1.00 pm

Funeral of Arthur Barnard at York Crematorium.

  1.30 pm

Art for All in the back hall.

  1.45 pm

Monday Fellowship Exercise Group

  2.30 pm

Monday Fellowship:Stephen Leah - 'Reflections on 1st W.W.'

  7.30 pm

Euphonics Choir meet in the Sanctuary**

  7.30 pm

Mission Forum meet in the Sky Room

  7.45 pm

Slide Club: Anne Bailey - 'Exploring India'

  8.00 pm

Hazel Hanson's House Group meet at 51 Walmer Carr

  8.00 pm

Liz Spain's House Group meet at 1 Appleby Glade


TUESDAY 19th February - Pray for the Open the Book Team at Headlands School

 9.30 am

Songbox in the Mountain Room**

  7.00 pm

Art Group in the hall

  7.30 pm

Flying Ducks Theatre Rehearsal in the Sanctuary.

WEDNESDAY 20th February

  9.00 am

Ecumenical Prayers at our church

10.00 am

Midweek Service: Rev. Michael Chester

  4.30 pm

Rainbows in the hall

  6.00 pm

Brownies in the hall

  7.30 pm

Olwyn Holden's House Group meet at 8 Greystone Court

  8.00 pm

Phil Lazenby's House Group meet at 24 Carmires Avenue

  8.00 pm

Rosemary Cox's House Group meet at 42 Walmer Carr

THURSDAY 21st February - Open the Book at Wigginton & Ralph Butterfield Schools

10.30 am

U3A Bird Watching Group in the Mountain Room**

 12 noon

Luncheon Club in the hall & kitchen

 6.00 pm

Brownies in the hall

 6.30 pm

Boys Brigade in the Mountain Room

 7.30 pm

Flying Ducks Theatre rehearsal in the hall

 FRIDAY 22nd February



Pantomime Set up (All)

SATURDAY 23rd February



Pantomime Set Up (All)

  1.30 pm - 3.30 pm Beetle Drive at St. Mary's Church Hall



Reserve a seat - Alyson 073-987-72-720



(£5.00 Includes a cuppa and a cake)

SUNDAY 24th February

9.00 am

Early Morning Worship : David Holden



Worship Enablers: Ray & Sue Raybould



Door Stewards: Janet Cooper & Sue Raybould

10.45 am

Young Church



Creche: Gill Freeman & Janet Cooper

10.45 am

Cafe Style Worship: Jen Horne's House Group



Coffee will be served after this service by Rosemary Cox's House Group



Church Steward: Roxana Freeman



Door Stewards: Sue Ward & Janet Bowling

Dates for Your Diary

Wed 27 Feb

7.30 pm

Mother Goose Pantomime to Friday 1st March

Sat 2 Mar

2.00 pm

and 6.30 pm - Mother Goose Pantomime

Sun 3 Mar

9.30 am

Church Breakfast - all welcome

Sun 3 Mar

4.00 pm

Circuit service at our church

Sun 3 Mar

7.30 pm

Cyber Security and Prevention of Fraud

Tue 5 Mar

10.00 am

Ann Quick's House Group meet at 18 York Road ‘Ministering Grace & Love’? Luke 10: 25-37


Beetle Drive

This fundraising activity will enable a local Christian Aid volunteer teacher to:· participate in a Christian Aid “Global Neighbours” partnership visit to Ghana;

and· contribute to the development of educational resources for U.K. schools