SUNDAY 22nd September

  9.00 am

Early Morning Worship:  Rev Rory Dalgliesh



Coffee will be served after this service.



Church Steward: Gail Lazenby



Door Stewards: Marlynn & Jim Holroyd


10.45 am

Youth Dedication - All Age Worship:  Rev Rory Dalgliesh



Coffee will be served after this service by the Forty Plus+ Group



Church Steward: John King



Door Stewards: Sue Ward & Naomi Guilford


MONDAY 23rd September

10.00 am

Monday Monkeys  (All Premises)

  1.30 pm

Art for All (Hall)



No Monday Fellowship Exercise Group today

  2.30 pm

Monday Fellowship: Tea & Entertainment - Harlequin Singers' -



- Bring and Buy Stall.

  7.30 pm

Euphonics Choir (Sanctuary)

  7.30 pm

Mission Forum  (Sun Room)

  8.00 pm

Liz Spain's House Group meet at 1 Appleby Glade

  8.00 pm

Hazel Hanson's House Group meet at 51 Walmer Carr

  8.00 pm

Richard & Roxana's House Group meet at 68 Calf Close

TUESDAY 24th September

  9.30 am  

Songbox** (Mountain Room)

10.00 am

WEA  History Course (Sky Room)

10.00 am

Ann Quick's House Group meet at 18 York Road

  2.00 pm

Eileen Armitages House Group meet at 57 Windmill Way.

  7.30 pm

Dementia Carers' Support Group meet at Aroma - all welcome.

WEDNESDAY 25th September

  9.00 am

Ecumenical Prayers at our church

10.00 am   Midweek Service with Holy Communion : Rev Dr. John Schofield

  6.00 pm

Brownies (Hall)

  7.30 pm

Guides (Hall & kitchen)

  7.30 pm

Outlook Committee Meeting (Meadow Room)

  8.00 pm

Rosemary Cox's House Group meet at 29 Old Orchard.

  8.00 pm

Phil Lazenby's House Group meet at 24 Carmires Avenue

THURSDAY 26th September

12 noon

Luncheon Club  (Hall/ kitchen / Meadow Room)

  1.15 pm

Film Afternoon - ' Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'  - (Mountain Room)

  6.00 pm

Brownies (Hall)

  6.30 pm

3rd York Boys Brigade (ages 6 years plus)  (Hall / Mountain Room)

FRIDAY 27th September

  9.15 am

Pilates** (Hall)

11.00 am

Funeral of Linda Holborn

12.45 pm

Jen Horne's House Group meet.

  1.00 pm

Who Let The Dads Out preparation. (Hall & Mountain Room)

SATURDAY 28th September

10.00 am

Who Let The Dads Out? (All premises)

SUNDAY 29th September

  9.00 am

Early Morning Worship:



Worship Enablers: Ray & Sue Raybould



Door Stewards: Helena Rigby & Dorothy Croft

10.45 am

Morning Worship:  Rev Rachel Muthoni



Coffee will be served after this service by the Sue Ward &



Roxana Freeman's House Groups.



Church Steward: John King



Door Stewards: Jim & Pauline Stonehouse

  6.30 pm

Churches Together Service at St. Margaret Clitherow Church



Holly Tree Lane, Haxby - all welcome.

Dates for your Diary

Mon 30 Sept

7.30 pm

Slide Club - come and hear speakers and see interesting places!

Tue 01 Oct

6.00 pm

Tuesday Night  Troop - Reception year to School Year 4

Sat 5 Oct

7.00 pm

Harvest Ceilidh  in aid of Opening New Doors

Wed 09 Oct

11.00 am

Luncheon Club Committee Meeting